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Bee Wallpapers

allows users to customize their desktops with thousands of free wallpapers
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Bee Wallpapers will download images or take yours and use them as wallpaper.
This unique program will finish with the boredom of watching the same image on your screen over and over every day.
It will allow you to display your favorite images as wallpaper, and you can configure the amount of time it will be displayed and then changed for the next one.

Now you will be able to show the photos of your loved ones, or the last trip to the beach, or maybe that party where all the family got together.
It also includes six example images for your own use.
But that is not all.

If you prefer to display professional high quality images on your desktop, Bee Wallpapers will show you a huge list of downloadable wallpapers.
The list will be shown tree-style, so you can easily choose your favorite topic or topics.

You simply click on the ones you want, and the program will connect to the Internet and download them immediately.
You will have a lot of wallpapers to choose from at the moment.
Just adjust the amount of time to be displayed and you can even set it to show the images in random order.

You will surely enjoy displaying your favorite pictures on your screen.

Fernando Soni
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  • Many downloadable wallpapers.
  • Fast downloads.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.
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